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Tristan and Isolde - Georgia Symphony Orchestra - Vakhtang Matchavariani (Conductor)

Evening Tbilisi 21-23 June
Gulbat Toradze
"Tristan and Isolda"
The central point of the production was the second act. David Randall and Brigitte Wohlfarth were fabulous , sang on a high professional level. The same is true of Monte Jaffe. He sang King Marke as a mastersinger.

24 Hours 15, 06,03.
"Spiritual unification."
Monte Jaffe proved that he belongs to the greatest stages of the world in the Wagner repertory. Singers and the orchestra were united in a most convincing interpretation.

Raiting 21,o6,03.
Nino Mcheckishvili
It was a stunning performance of Wagner's greatest opera, "Tristan and Isolda" under the baton of maestro Matchavariani. The singers exhibited the highest level of Wagnerian singing. Monte Jaffe has a strong presence and sang the role of King Mark with a powerful voice of rich timbre.

Republic of Georgia 16, 06,03.
Zourab Oikashvili
"It happened"
Vakhtang Matchavariani brought to Tbilisi Wagnerian singers of the highest quality. Monte Jaffe, a great performer with a powerful rich voice, who performed the role of King Marke with great flexibility.

Reviews of Victor Ullmanns' "Der Sturz des Antichrist" in Bielefeld:

"Absolutely no-one can sing this role better than the wonderful Monte Jaffe"
Wiener Zeitung

"Monte Jaffe: magnificent as usual..."
Westfalen Blatt

"All the more magnificent is the sing an acting achievement of Monte Jaffe
in the second act."
Der Tagesspiegel

"The intensity of expression was mainly due to the powerful acting ans singing of the two key roles (and ....) the expressiveness of Monte Jaffe as the spiritual leader. He not only looks amazingly like Rudolf Steiner as he stands before the diagrams Steiner used to visualize his ideas, he expresses himself with Steiner's charismatic eloquence. Further more Jaffe masters the difficult music, ranging over two octaves, with a profound Bass."
Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung

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